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Pay run is every Wednesday at Midnight, all Calculations  are done, your weekly pay will be posted then.

All day Thursday and up to Noon on Friday you have the option to request your money

Bullet Points ~ FAQ's
Here are some bullet points along with questions and answers on
what you need to know and share with your team in B-Epic.
NOTE: If you don't get your questions answered here 
contact your upline...If still  no answer contact support.graph here.

​​Product ~ Elev8
Only 1 capsule a day
Instant Gratification - works in 15 mins
50% daily requirement of fruits and vegetables
Powerful elixir of Energy, Vitality and Overall health
Extract Technology to help you perform at a very high level
30 day Money Back Guarantee NO questions asked

Cost of Elev8
     $24.95 - 10 day supply (25 BV) 
     $49.95 - 1 month supply  (50 BV) 
     $89.95 - 2 month supply + 10 FREE Samples (75 BV)

Company ~ B-Epic
Pre-Launched in 180 countries- Nov. 11th, 2016
Owner Eric Caprarese  https://www.linkedin.com/in/ericcaprarese
State-of-the-Art Cloud Based Technology - MFG UTAH

2. Where is the Company located? Cloud based -MFG is in Utah
    (Pre-Launched in 180 countries- Nov 11th,2016)
3. What is my Replicated Website URL?
4. How do I log in to my back office?
     click on "Sign In"
5. I forgot my password, what do I do? 
     Click on "Sign In" Enter username
     then click on 'Forgot Password"
6. How do I change my password?
     Log in, click on Home then click on "Update Password"
7. How do I see my downline or people coming into my team?
     Log in to your back office
     Click on "Tree View"
8. How do I Contact Customer Support?
     Log in to your back office
     click on "Help"
9. What are my Options to Join?
     $24.95 - 10 day supply  (25 BV)   
     $49.95 - 1 month supply (50 BV) 
     $89.95 - 2 month supply + 10 FREE Samples (75 BV)
10. What payment method do you accept?
        Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American express
11. How do I contact my sponsor?
       Log in to your Back Office
       Scroll down right side under "Your Sponsor"
12. Do we have a Team Facebook page? Yes
13. What is the Return Policy?
        30 Day (No questions asked) money back guarantee
14. When Do we get paid?
       Pays Weekly - Cut off is Wed. 12pm EST
       Pays EVERY Friday - Direct Deposit
15. If a rep orders the $24.95 pack and one of their personals
       orders the $49.95 pack or the $89.95 pack will they still
       earn the 50% Fast Start? YES
       NOTE: You earn fast start bonuses with the $24.95 pack
     but volume does not hold in the binary until you upgrade to
     the $49.95 pack (1 bottle)
16. How do I Cancel my membership?
       Log in to your back office
       Click on Home, then "Account Profile"
       Scroll to bottom of page then Click on "Close your account"
17. Are there any NEW SIZZLE CALLS ? YES
         3-way your guest to these Sizzle calls
       My Partner - Eva Simone 641-715-3900 pin 861909#
       Master Distributor - Larry Lane 712-775-7039  pin 558842#

CORP LAUNCH CALL!   15  Mins (Recording)   https://fccdl.in/4riIS9WbV    Listen by Phone (712-451-0309 Pin 160540#    REF#  (1)   You  Must  Enter  (1)

CORP! Call to action!  Powerful  15 MIns  ( Recording)  https://fccdl.in/pbqSTuhEr    By Phone (712-451-0309  pin 160540# REF# (2)  must enter Ref (2)


Go to ACCOUNT PROFILE and set your leg preference 


Go to MONTHLY AUTOSHIP and set it up

We suggest $89.95, you will receive the bonus capsules, plus set up to work towards the Car Bonus. You get the change to select the day you want your auto to be billed and shipped.

Sign into your back office


Set up your choice of cash out                                or